Word HTML 2 Formatting Objects

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WH2FO Distribution

This Java application runs on most of the common platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.), on which a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.


If you need more information and/or support please:

  1. see the installation and running instructions on the "How to...?" page
  2. ask for support at WH2FO Support

Software Updates

Please Notify me on issue of a new version (account at SourceForge required).

Additional files for download

  • Examples : example set that describe the implemented WH2FO features
  • JavaDocs : standard Java documentation subdivided into packages and classes
  • UML Diagram : WH2FO architecture graphical description
  • String Parser Sequence : Logic sequence used in WH2FO to parse the Word HTML content

Example set

  • File name : examples
  • File type : zip file
  • File size : 4,401KB
  • Version : 0.1.4
  • Contains examples to learn the use of WH2FO.


  • File name : javadocs
  • File type : zip file
  • File size : 506KB
  • Version : 0.3.0
  • Contains the description of all packages and classes composing WH2FO

UML Diagrams

  • File name : uml
  • File type : zip file
  • File size : 214KB
  • Version : 0.2.0
  • Contains the software architecture UML diagram

String Parser Sequence State

  • File name : sequenceState
  • File type : zip file
  • File size : 119KB
  • Version : 0.1.0
  • Contains the logical sequence performed to parse the Word HTML content